Denzong Agriculture Cooperative Society Ltd

The Denzong Agriculture Cooperative Society Ltd. was formed during the year 1965 under Sikkim Cooperative Societies Act, 1955 and with a view to help farmers in creating markets to enable the sales of marketable surplus. Initially, the society had a provision of enrolling progressive grower individual as members. Later with the enactment of the Cooperative Societies Act, 1978, the Society was converted to an apex Cooperative stature with primary co-operatives as its members mostly MPCS.

The organization is supplying fruits and vegetables, fish and fowls, meat, potato, onion and eggs etc. to the various military units stationed in Sikkim on yearly negotiated supply contract basis through its supply points located mostly in snow clad border areas. The bulk procurement of farm surplus from local villagers is collected through member cooperative societies.

The Board of Directors consists of 10 members of whom six are elected members and the rest being nominated by the State Government.

Status of Denzong Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd

Sl. No.ParticularsUnits2014-152015-162016-17
1Member SocietyNo.747474
2Number of branches222
3Paid up Share CapitalRs in lakhs73.1273.3273.65
Of which State Govt.  “63.1563.1563.15
5Profit/Loss515.00 (NP)559.00(NP)540.07(NP)

Major Achievement and initiatives of Denzong Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd :

The society is uninterruptedly supplying fruits, vegetables and meats to Army stationed in Sikkim since its inception. All most all perishable food items requirement of Army supplying through Denzong Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd.

The annual business turnover of DACS has substantially increased compare to past years.
With the intention to augment poultry production, empower local people the society has started Contract farming with member societies and progressive farmers. The society is advancing required funds, inputs and technology and other infrastructural support for poultry farmers and marketing of their produce at remunerative market prices. The society has marketed local produce poultry worth Rs. 753.59 lakhs during 2014-15 as against Rs. 497.99 lakhs in 2013-14.

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