Projects funded under RKVY

Sl NOName of the ProjectYearAmount
1Construction of Godown-cum-Infrastructure of Luing Perbing MPCS Ltd2012-1330.00 Lakhs
2Construction of Godown-cum-Infrastructure of Deythang MPCS Ltd2012-1330.00 Lakhs
3Construction of Godown-cum-Infrastructure of Mellidara MPCS2012-13 and 2013-1434.33 Lakhs
4Construction of Godown-cum-Infrastructure of Ravong Sangmo MPCS Ltd2013-1411.72 Lakhs (1/3 rd of the total project cost)
5Construction of Godown-cum-Infrastructure of Namok MPCS Ltd2013-1414.18 Lakhs (1/3 rd of the total Project Cost)
6Construction of Godown-cum-Infrastructure of Darap MPCS Ltd2013-1410.39 Lakhs (1/3 rd of the Total Project Cost)
7Training of framer members of cooperative societies on Agriculture Credit and Marketing with focus on Organic Farming 2015-1630.00 Lakhs
8Processing , packaging and marketing of spices by Padamchey MPCS Ltd 2016-1750.40 Lakhs
9Primary processing and Packaging Unit by Salghari MPCS Ltd2016-1730.00 Lakhs
10Production of Organic Manure and Contract Farming by Luing Perbing MPCS Ltd2016-1714.00 Lakhs
11Construction of Storage / Godown cum Building of Rongli MPCS Ltd 2016-1718.00 Lakhs (1/3 rd of the Total Project Cost)