Schemes funded under State Plan

Schemes of the Department

  1. Training / Education / Publicity: – the department lays emphasis on imparting awareness and training programs to the members on Cooperative Sector. Training to the Cooperative officers and Officials is also given periodically. The state government under the scheme head training, education and Publicity provide funds to carry out awareness programs of the Department
  2. Marketing and Transport Assistance :- The Cooperative Societies engaged in marketing of agricultural produce are provided with marketing and transport assistance @ Re 1.00 per kg marketed vide Notification NO >>>>>>>>>>>>
  3. Godown Assistance :- To augment godown space , infrastructure development of Multipurpose Cooperative Societies, grant-in-aid is provided to the MPCS as per the estimate and requisition submitted
  4. Managerial Assistance :- to assist MPCS to hire qualified managers/ office bearers, managerial subsidy is given to MPCSs
  5. One-time grant to MPCSs:- One time grant is provided to MPCSs to set up its business in its initial stage of inception
  6. One time grant to other cooperatives:- One time grant is also provided to other types of cooperative societies subject to availability of fund