Growth of Cooperative movement

During the time of merger, there was 1 (one) Apex Body i.e. Denzong Agriculture Cooperative Society Ltd along with 22 Agriculture Credit Cooperatives and few ex-soldier consumer cooperative societies. The total number of cooperatives was 29 as on 1975. Over the period of years, the number of Cooperative Societies increased to 261 as on 1994 with total membership of about 25,000. The total Share capital at that time was Rs. 55.78 Lakhs and Business Turnover Rs. 765 Lakhs. There has been phenomenal growth in the number of cooperative societies registered in the State. As on 2016-17, the number has increased to 3875. Accordingly the membership has increased to over 1 lakh. Similarly, the Share Capital stands at Rs. 2847.07 Lakhs and the Business Turnover at Rs. 132.66 Crores, Loans and advances of Rs. 5471.66 lakhs to the cooperatives and the individuals members and bank deposits of Rs. 194532.10 lakhs.