Early Account of Cooperative Movement in Sikkim : –

The early account of the Cooperative Movement in Sikkim dates back to the enactment of Sikkim Cooperative Societies Act 1955. Under this Act, the present Denzong Agriculture Cooperative Society Ltd., 22 Agriculture Credit Cooperative Societies and few ex-soldiers Consumer Cooperative Societies were organized. The total business size under cooperative Sector being too low, the movement was controlled and administered through a small cooperative cell which functioned under the then Planning and Development Department. With Sikkim joining the mainstream of India in 1975, a full-fledged Cooperation Department was established and a new and comprehensively framed Sikkim Cooperative Societies Act 1978 replaced the old Act. The Sikkim Consumers’ Cooperative Society Ltd. Gangtok was registered in 1975 under the Sikkim Cooperative Societies Act of 1955.

The enactment and extension of new cooperative societies Act, Sikkim Cooperative Societies Act 1978 followed by enforcement of Sikkim Cooperative Societies Rules of 1981 gave rise to growth of Cooperative Societies in Sikkim. 35 (thirty five) Multipurpose Cooperative Societies (MPCS) were formed and federated to SIMFED as its Apex Body in the year 1983. The Sikkim Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd (SMU) was formed in the year 1980 and registered under the Sikkim State Cooperative Societies Act, 1978.